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Whats acceptable for Safety Certification

posted by Victory Safety    |   June 24, 2014 09:39

I am often asked so thought I would write about it to answer this question that so many people seem to have. The question is "what tickets do I need to work in the oilfield, construction site etc."? Whether you are working in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba or wherever, there is no ticket that is absolutely guaranteed to be accepted in every workplace. The reason being is that every worksite is different with unique hazards and different work environments and it the employers responsibility to ensure training is adequate for their workplace. This is why for different workplaces there are different requirements which is why it is important to research what training requirements are for worksites your on or potentially will be on prior to selecting courses to invest in. If you're an employer, job seeker etc. this simple research can save you very important time and money in the future if you arrive to a worksite or have an opportunity come up only to realize that the certificate you received is not acceptable. Examples; We offer an H2S Awareness program in our online training library which is very informative and may meet your worksite requirements or serve as a great refresher in perhaps an agricultural field (ultimately up to employer/worksite to decide) but if you're heading into the oilfield you will most likely be required to have an Enform H2S Alive training certificate. Another example is Ground Disturbance, an intro to Ground Disturbance is also available in our online training library, however, we also have an instructor led Ground Disturbance program based on OH&S requirements and a Global Ground Disturbance program. Once again the online program may be acceptable on some worksites, others may want it to be instructor led and OH&S compliant in which case our in house Ground Disturbance program would most likely meet requirements, and still others may get more detailed in what they want by specifying that training must specifically be a Global Ground Disturbance course. This is why Victory Safety and Training is continually adding many courses certified by organizations such as Enform, Oil Sands Safety Association (Through Fall Protection Group, Fusion Safety Services etc.) that we hope can make your search easier and help save you time and future costs. Hope this helps if you did have this question. Stay Safe from your friends at Victory Safety and Training


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