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Confined Space Entry Tip

posted by Victory Safety    |   September 23, 2014 14:15

Did you know that in North America approximately 66% of confined space fatalities are to would be rescuers? Many people ask how does this happen, and well you must ask yourself what would you do if you seen a friend or loved one or co-worker unconscious in a confined space such as a grain bin? Most people want to try help out but unfortunately their good intentions often turn into a fatal situation. They get hurt not because their "not smart" but because they can't prepare for something they don't know is there. This is an excellent video that can give you an idea as to how these situations arise and stresses the importance of proper training and pre planning. Warning: this video does have some coarse language

If you cant access the video attachment just look up "Precious Time" on you tube


Free Draw for a class A Fall Arrest Harness

posted by Victory Safety    |   September 16, 2014 11:55

freedom flex ha

Free Draw October 1st to win a Class A fall arrest/protection harness - just like Victory Safety and Training on facebook and share our page to be automatically entered to win NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. (note harness is as shown above minus the class P D-rings (on pelvis). Let us help you stay safe at heights 


First Aid tip - Stroke

posted by Victory Safety    |   September 10, 2014 10:12

Suspecting a stroke can be a very scary situation but early detection can great help a person out who may be suffering from a stroke. If you notice somebody suffering from a sudden severe headache, weakness or paralysis on 1 or both sides of the body, blurred vision or speech difficulties the person may be suffering from a TIA (sometimes referred to as a mini-stroke) or stroke then get them medical help ASAP. If a person is suffering from a stroke, the longer help is delayed the more damage could potentially occur. Also think F ace (look for signs a facial droop) A rm (look for arm weakness on 1 or both sides) S peech (slurred speech) T ime (get help as quick as possible) First Aid tip of the day from your friends at Victory Safety and Training 


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