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First Aid Friday

posted by Victory Safety    |   April 7, 2017 15:38

Spring is around the corner and with it's beautiful weather, spring brings it's bees and other insects. Here is a helpful tip to help if you are ever stung by a bee or other insect and the stinger is still in the skin.


Did you know you are supposed to scrape the stinger from the skin as opposed to pulling or plucking it out? This is because some stingers have a sac filled with venom. When you pull the stinger out you may press/squeeze on that sac causing more venom to be transferred into the bloodstream. So instead grab a card (ie. health card) and scrape the stinger off.


Keep this helpful tip handy this spring and summer! 


NOTICE: Victory Safety is moving and growing

posted by Victory Safety    |   November 14, 2016 10:24

Victory Safety and Training is moving to a new location to better serve our clients. Better parking, more classroom space to serve you better.

2365 Ave C North Saskatoon Sk (3 blocks North of the Travel Lodge) will be our new location as of January 1 2017.


Pipeline Construction Safety Training

posted by Victory Safety    |   October 20, 2016 09:13

The 1 day Pipeline Construction Safety Training program (PCST)  as well as other Construction leadership programs through Build force Canada available at Victory Safety and Training. If you need this program a course access PIN can be purchased from Victory Safety and you may take the program on your time, on your schedule, in the comfort of your own home or wherever you have suitable internet access.


Qualitative fit testing

posted by Victory Safety    |   August 15, 2016 21:18

If you use cartridge operated respirators (half mask or full mask) it is extremely important to ensure your mask fits properly to ensure your not breathing in harmful particles/substances. Many worksites are also making a fit test mandatory for site access. A qualitative fit test is quick, easy but effective your lungs will thank you for it. Give us a call and we would love to help.


OSSA Elevated Work Platform (Fusion Safety Svs. program)

posted by Victory Safety    |   August 4, 2016 15:15

Need Elevated work platform training? Check out our course calendar for upcoming scheduled courses in Saskatoon available to the public. This 1 day program involves a hands on introduction and is OSSA accredited (through Fusion Safety Services).


Casual Red Cross first aid and CPR instructor needed

posted by Victory Safety    |   March 18, 2016 22:34

We are looking for a CERTIFIED Red Cross first aid and CPR instructor to join our team on a casual basis.

-Must have valid certification

-be willing to travel and have own transportation

-able to work independently 

-must be motivated to continue learning/improving

-must truly enjoy teaching and have a genuine interest in helping people learn 

please send resume to thank you for all who apply, however, we will not consider applicants who do not have current certification


Global Ground Disturbance Level 2 Training

posted by Victory Safety    |   February 2, 2016 09:51

The most highly recognized Ground Disturbance course in the industry is available at Victory Safety and Training. Take Global Training Centre's Ground Disturbance ACGA accredited Level 2 course in Saskatoon. Call now to book your spot.


Red Cross First Aid and CPR Instructor course

posted by Victory Safety    |   January 25, 2016 10:48

Victory Safety and Training will be conducting a Red Cross First Aid and CPR instructor course in the coming months. If interested please contact our office.


Enform Authorized training provider of H2S Alive

posted by Victory Safety    |   January 22, 2016 02:54

Yes, Victory Safety and Training has met new Enform requirements and is an H2S Alive authorized training provider. Click this link to connect with Enforms authorized provider list for H2S Alive.



Happy 2016 from Victory Safety and Training

posted by Victory Safety    |   January 4, 2016 20:55

We are excited to dive into 2016 and hope you are too. Let's stay safe so we can enjoy all the opportunities we have in this prosperous province.


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