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AED's (automated external defibrillator)

posted by Victory Safety    |   November 20, 2012 19:18

It is extremely encouraging to see the success of MD Ambilance' heart safe program in Saskatoon. It seems like just yesterday that AED's were first introduced yet here we are to see AED's available at hundreds if locations throughout our city. Many believe that it is only medical professionals that can make a difference in a medical emergency yet many people have great success stories that they are here to tell because of the availability of AED's in various public locations. Did you know that up to 80% of cardiac arrest casualties are in a heart rythem that can be detected and possibly corrected with an AED? Yet the chances of the aed being successful decrease significantly with each minute there is a delay. Therefore AED's have been shown to be much more valuable and effective in the hands of those at an emergency 1st. 


First aid and CPR

posted by Victory Safety    |   November 8, 2012 13:21

Now we hate to put a level of importance on a certain course but it is a tough argument to place any course above first aid and CPR due to the fact that you may need to use the skills aquired in this program on any given day wether at home, work or just out and about. Many people panic when faced with a situation involving the need for first aid due to the feeling of helplessness when they're not sure what to do. Taking a first aid and CPR course will improve skills, knowledge and mental ability to handle an emergency. It's amazing how much a calm approach can bring control to an emergency, it can calm the casualty down and therefore slow the progress of shock, it can calm family members and bystanders and establish confidence in your ability. It is often not ems but those who are their 1st who play the most important role in an emergency. Let us help you be that calm, confident responder at any emergency with an OH&S first aid course available from Victory Safety and Training.


Fall Protection/Fall Arrest

posted by Victory Safety    |   October 29, 2012 18:36

Working at heights is a very common part of many work sites/work activities and many workers are unaware of their, as well as the employers responsibilities regarding fall protection training and planning. The fact is that much of the work at heights takes place with little planning and most are unaware of the various options available to them. Engineered controls such as guardrails, travel restraint, establishment of a control zone and fall arrest (horizontal and vertical) are some of the primary options available. It is important that workers understand the benefits and limitations of all these options in order to make the most educated decision during planning. Choosing equipment is also very important and ensuring equipment is CSA approved as opposed to just being CSA compliant can save supervisors and employers from unneeded stress if an incident occurs. Did you know that according to Saskatchewan Occupational health and safety regulations that a fall protection plan is required when work is taking place 3 meters or more above ground level and workers are not protected by a guardrail or similar barrier? Well now you do and we can help prepare workers to work safely at heights with training and equipment available at Victory Safety and Training.


Fall Protection

Confined Space Entry

posted by Victory Safety    |   October 5, 2012 20:03

According to OSHA 60% of those involved in Confined space incidents are would be rescuers. This is quite surprising no matter how you look at it so the question must be asked, why?

Lack of planning

Lack of training

Lack of established procedures

Lack of proper ppe and rescue equipment

So as we at Victory always say "safety is an attitude" so let's not lose respect for the confined spaces we work in and please take the time to make each entry a safe entry.

Happy thanksgiving from your friends in safety, we at Victory are truly thankful for the opportunity to serve the safety industry


Dug and Alcohol Testing

posted by Victory Safety    |   September 26, 2012 11:49

If you've been involved in a safety sensitive workplace in Saskatchewan you may have noticed an increase in the need for drug and alcohol testing. Testing is generally permissible when

  • The position is safety sensitive
  • There is reasonable cause to believe that an accident was the result of an employee being under the influence of drugs or  alcohol or
  • Testing is part of a return to work program which also recognizes that relapse is common and a part of the dependence stability

We at Victory Safety and Training offer discreet, professional drug and alcohol testing for groups (at your site or ours) or individuals monday to friday at our Saskatoon location. We understand the need to maintain a safe workplace and becoming a drug and alcohol testing provider is just another addition to our services to help make that as easy as possible for you.


Why H2S Alive in the oil and gas industry?

posted by Victory Safety    |   September 12, 2012 11:05

H2S Alive is a program that was developed and certified through Enform which is among the most respected names in safety certification. When it comes to reasoning behind why is H2S Alive Enform the preferred h2s training program, it is simply because most work sites/employers have recognized that it has the most consistent quality, is the most relevant to industry and provides the best assurance of quality which has set the standard for h2s training in the oil and gas industry.

We at Victory Safety and Training offer the Enform certified H2S Alive training program


Your 1 stop shop for safety. Safety training, services and supplies

posted by Victory Safety    |   September 4, 2012 12:58

We at Victory Safety and Training realize the need to simplify safety and are in the process of doing that for you. Victory Safety and Training has and will continue to offer industry/oh&s compliant training such as first aid, fall protection, h2s alive, confined space entry, ground disturbance, powered mobile equipment, whmis, tdg, pst/csts and more. We have also added drug and alcohol testing, aed and first aid supplies, safety equipment as well as high angle rescue and will be continuing to improve, add and expand upon our current course selection in the near future. Our training is available throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba with our main training location in Saskatoon. The continuous positive improvements we have seen in the safety industry has been very encouraging to all of us at Victory Safety and Training. With all these improvements we understand that it can be quite intimidating for employers, supervisors, and others with safety responsibilities on the worksite to improve in and maintain safety on your worksite. So whether you're starting, looking to improve, or looking to maintain a safe worksite we can be trusted to help. 


Work Safety

WorkSafe Saskatchewan Reminds Workers about Safety in the 2012 Summer

posted by Victory Safety    |   July 24, 2012 11:43

Saskatchewan’s safety industry is continually evolving and we’re keeping up. For anyone with health and safety responsibilities on a work site it can be a daunting task catching and/or keeping up with proactive safety planning and solutions. We at Victory Safety and Training have set out to make it a little easier for you through continual improvement and growth. Wouldn’t it be nice to get safety training, services, advice and equipment all under 1 roof? We thought it would be so that’s what we’re setting out to become, your 1 stop safety shop for all your safety and training needs. At Victory your safety is and will continue to be our business.

WorkSafe Saskatchewan is reminding young and first-time workers that learning to work safely is an important part of summer jobs. 

Most workplace injuries occur in July and August, and more than half occur in service, department stores, construction and manufacturing industries, according to a statement from WorkSafe Saskatchewan. The most common injuries are to hands, backs, legs and eyes.

For more information about Safety Training Courses offered through Victory Safety please contact us directly.


Work Safety

Do You Know: Supervisors have legal responsibility for workers

posted by Victory Safety    |   July 24, 2012 11:40

Did you know according to criminal code Supervisors have a legal responsibility for workers under their supervision?

Bill C-45 added Section 217.1 to the Criminal Code which reads:

"217.1 Every one who undertakes, or has the authority, to direct how another person does work or performs a task is under a legal duty to take reasonable steps to prevent bodily harm to that person, or any other person, arising from that work or task."


Work Safety

Fall Protective Equipment in Saskatchewan 2012 Summer

posted by Victory Safety    |   June 11, 2011 10:00

Because falls are one of the most common and serious in jury-causing hazards in the construction industry, it’s important that all workers and employers are aware of the risks and the best methods for fall prevention. Whether through the use of guardrails, harnesses or lanyards, it’s important that all workers are outfitted with the safest and most appropriate gear for the job. Any time you are at a risk of falling three meters or more, you should wear appropriate fall protection gear.

What should you know about fall protective equipment?

1.     inspect all protective equipment daily

2.     replace any worn or broken equipment

3.     replace any equipment previously involved in a fall

4.     have all protective equipment inspected at least once a year (depending on use) by a certified inspector

5.     always use shock absorbers along with fall protective gear

6.     use the appropriate gear for the job, different jobs require different fall protective equipment

Construction (source Work Safe Saskatchewan)


Fall Protection

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