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RSSFall Protection (2)

Date Title Rating
2012-10-29 Fall Protection/Fall Arrest None
2011-06-11 Fall Protective Equipment in Saskatchewan 2012 Summer 4

RSSGeneral Mine Safety Awareness (GMSA) (0)

Date Title Rating

RSSWork Safety (3)

Date Title Rating
2012-09-04 Your 1 stop shop for safety. Safety training, services and supplies None
2012-07-24 WorkSafe Saskatchewan Reminds Workers about Safety in the 2012 Summer None
2012-07-24 Do You Know: Supervisors have legal responsibility for workers 5

Uncategorized (77)

Date Title Rating
2019-01-17 Casual CERTIFIED Red Cross First Aid Instructor needed None
2019-01-11 Now in Regina None
2019-01-11 Sask Polytech. General Mine Safety Awareness None
2019-01-10 First Aid tips for what you need to know if you fall through the ice None
2018-11-20 When traveling good to have Emergency Car Kit None
2018-11-15 Cold-Related Emergencies: Staying Warm and Safe in Canadian Winters None
2018-11-13 Safe Winter Driving None
2018-11-01 Flu Prevention None
2018-05-31 First Aid Tips Heat-related emergencies None
2018-05-31 CAUSE OF INJURY OR LOSS: When lowering (or raising) wings for rig-out, fall protection was not worn. No engineered fall protection system on substructure. None
2018-05-31 First Aid Tips Heat-related emergencies None
2018-05-17 Safety Program Development None
2018-05-03 Confidential, Personal Testing None
2018-05-03 General Mine Safety Awareness (GMSA) is a 24-hour training None
2018-04-27 General Mine Safety Awareness classes are filling up fast BOOK YOUR SPOT SOON None
2018-04-05 General Mine Safety Awareness (GMSA) None
2018-02-08 “interesting Drug and Alcohol testing read” None
2018-01-18 Interesting Drug and alcohol testing read None
2017-12-12 Rescuer Award for man who saved son with CPR Posted September 10, 2016 by Anna Teehan Cliff Colpitts took his first ever first aid class. It was offered through his workplace. Canadian Red Cross training partner Ron Gillatt instructed the class, teaching important first aid skills – including CPR, which Cliff would later use to save his son’s life. After his training, Cliff’s family experienced an emergency that can happen to anyone. Cliff saw his son wasn’t breathing. He went in to what he describes as “auto-pilot”, saying, “once I was sure my son was not breathing...I could hear Ron in the back of my mind, ‘push hard and push fast’”. When Ron heard about Cliff saving his son, he nominated him for a Rescuer Award. This award celebrates non-professional rescuers and off-duty first responders who take action to save a life, prevent further injury, and provide comfort to the injured. Cliff was presented with his award in an emotional ceremony, attended by his whole family. Cliff thanked his work supervisor for providing him with access to the training and to Ron for “not only giving me the skills, but the confidence to administer CPR – that saved my son’s life.” Cliff brought his son up to meet everyone; he simply said “I’m happy to be here to meet everyone.” Every day, Canadians find themselves in need of first aid. While it’s not always this dramatic, having a good knowledge of first aid can empower you to provide comfort or even save a life. Learn more about Canadian Red Cross first aid programs on our website. None
2017-12-07 Drug and Alcohol testing-Interesting Read None
2017-07-20 Standard First Aid Blended Learning None
2017-06-23 Safety poem None
2017-06-21 Happy National Aboriginal Day None
2017-04-07 First Aid Friday None
2016-11-14 NOTICE: Victory Safety is moving and growing None
2016-10-20 Pipeline Construction Safety Training None
2016-08-15 Qualitative fit testing None
2016-08-04 OSSA Elevated Work Platform (Fusion Safety Svs. program) 4
2016-03-18 Casual Red Cross first aid and CPR instructor needed None
2016-02-02 Global Ground Disturbance Level 2 Training None
2016-01-25 Red Cross First Aid and CPR Instructor course 5
2016-01-22 Enform Authorized training provider of H2S Alive None
2016-01-04 Happy 2016 from Victory Safety and Training None
2015-12-02 Wow it wasn't even boring? None
2015-09-08 Dont make lunch plans and join us for a fundraising lunch and bakesale on Sept 19th None
2015-09-04 Do you not have enough time to spend 2 full days in class but need First Aid Training? None
2015-08-20 Attention oil sands workers None
2015-08-17 H2S Alive Training None
2015-08-14 WHMIS Training (with intro to GHS) None
2015-08-11 Evening and weekend First Aid and CPR Training None
2015-08-07 OSSA Elevated Work Platform Training (Fusion Safety Svs. Program) now available None
2015-04-29 Red Cross First Aid Instructor None
2015-04-10 Spring Training None
2015-03-13 SCOT (Safety Construction Orientation Training) Online None
2015-02-25 Blended Learning First Aid Training None
2014-12-25 Merry Christmas None
2014-11-25 First Aid and CPR tip None
2014-10-23 Attn. Food Safe and Security Guard Instructors None
2014-10-20 Standard First Aid and CPR Tip None
2014-09-23 Confined Space Entry Tip None
2014-09-16 Free Draw for a class A Fall Arrest Harness 4
2014-09-10 First Aid tip - Stroke None
2014-08-29 Drug and Alcohol Testing None
2014-08-26 H2S Alive, what's this course all about? None
2014-08-22 First Aid and CPR, what are the levels about? None
2014-08-20 Standard First Aid and CPR None
2014-06-24 Whats acceptable for Safety Certification None
2014-05-09 Is it time to renew your safety tickets None
2014-04-16 Safety in Saskatchewan None
2014-04-02 Online Safety Training is here None
2014-03-11 Online Safety Training None
2013-12-27 Merry Christmas and Very Happy and Safe New Year in 2014 None
2013-10-01 Ground disturbance 4
2013-09-19 Planning Ahead None
2013-09-04 Global Ground Disturbance 5
2013-08-30 Fall protection groups OSSA Fall Protection End User 5
2013-08-23 Globally Harmonized System (New WHMIS requirements) None
2013-06-25 Fusion Safety Services OSSA Confined space Entry and Monitor training in Saskatoon 5
2013-01-05 Safety 2013 3.3
2012-12-11 Respiratory protection None
2012-11-20 AED's (automated external defibrillator) None
2012-11-08 First aid and CPR None
2012-10-05 Confined Space Entry None
2012-09-26 Dug and Alcohol Testing None
2012-09-12 Why H2S Alive in the oil and gas industry? None


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