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Confined Space Entry Tip

posted by Victory Safety    |   September 23, 2014 14:15

Did you know that in North America approximately 66% of confined space fatalities are to would be rescuers? Many people ask how does this happen, and well you must ask yourself what would you do if you seen a friend or loved one or co-worker unconscious in a confined space such as a grain bin? Most people want to try help out but unfortunately their good intentions often turn into a fatal situation. They get hurt not because their "not smart" but because they can't prepare for something they don't know is there. This is an excellent video that can give you an idea as to how these situations arise and stresses the importance of proper training and pre planning. Warning: this video does have some coarse language

If you cant access the video attachment just look up "Precious Time" on you tube


Free Draw for a class A Fall Arrest Harness

posted by Victory Safety    |   September 16, 2014 11:55

freedom flex ha

Free Draw October 1st to win a Class A fall arrest/protection harness - just like Victory Safety and Training on facebook and share our page to be automatically entered to win NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. (note harness is as shown above minus the class P D-rings (on pelvis). Let us help you stay safe at heights 


First Aid tip - Stroke

posted by Victory Safety    |   September 10, 2014 10:12

Suspecting a stroke can be a very scary situation but early detection can great help a person out who may be suffering from a stroke. If you notice somebody suffering from a sudden severe headache, weakness or paralysis on 1 or both sides of the body, blurred vision or speech difficulties the person may be suffering from a TIA (sometimes referred to as a mini-stroke) or stroke then get them medical help ASAP. If a person is suffering from a stroke, the longer help is delayed the more damage could potentially occur. Also think F ace (look for signs a facial droop) A rm (look for arm weakness on 1 or both sides) S peech (slurred speech) T ime (get help as quick as possible) First Aid tip of the day from your friends at Victory Safety and Training 


Drug and Alcohol Testing

posted by Victory Safety    |   August 29, 2014 21:45

Why am I hearing about more and more work sites requiring Drug and Alcohol Testing? Let us ask this question think about someone you really care about right now, ok, now picture that person in a safety sensitive position on their workplace maybe working at heights, operating equipment just driving to and from work. So in that situation what if they or somebody they work with was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The risk in doing that job just went way up, and that is one of the major reasons Drug and alcohol testing is required just to get onto many sites. If its a requirement on a site you're going onto let us help. With DOT compliant Drug and Alcohol Testing available just give us a call and we can most likely get your test done today. 


H2S Alive, what's this course all about?

posted by Victory Safety    |   August 26, 2014 12:33

This program is pretty much an automatic requirement for anyone entering the workforce in oil & gas, mining, and many other types of workplaces. H2S (hydrogen sulphide) can develop in many areas as organic matter decomposes. This gas is deadly at low concentrations and accumulates in low lying areas since it is heavier than air. H2S has an odor of rotten eggs, however, when it reaches deadly levels you would not be able to smell it. Learn more about this deadly gas through an Enform H2S Alive program available at Victory Safety and Training in Saskatoon or at your location if you have a group. 


First Aid and CPR, what are the levels about?

posted by Victory Safety    |   August 22, 2014 16:54

You might be wondering what level of CPR you need for your work site (or potential work sites). 1st of all it is always best to see what potential employers want prior to registering for a program. Standard First Aid is the 2 day OH&S compliant first aid program which includes CPR and AED Training and is the standard on most work sites. So next question, what level of CPR do I need? Well if your worksite consists of primarily adults (ie. an oil field job), you would most likely be fine with CPR A, If there is a possibility of working with children (ie, school, day care etc.), you would most likely need CPR C, but if you are a health care provider (ie. paramedic, nurse etc.), you would probably need an HCP level CPR program. All of these options and much more available at Victory Safety and Training.
September First Aid classes available in Saskatoon every Monday and Tuesday throughout September as well as a couple weekend classes on September 5th and 6th & September 19th and 20th.
contact 306 649 0030 or register online to book your spot
Also remember we do travel and love travelling to various communities all throughout the prairies to get your group the training you need.


Standard First Aid and CPR

posted by Victory Safety    |   August 20, 2014 23:20

You just never know when you will need to utilize the skills obtained in a first aid program. If somebody started complaining of chest pain right where you are and suddenly stopped breathing, would you know what to do. Or if a loved one started choking and couldn't breathe, what would you do.  Having spent time working in EMS and having children at home I couldn't tell you  how many times I have had to give first  aid but no situation stands out more than when my little girl had a severe obstruction in her airway and I had to utilize the first aid for choking skills I had obtained through the many first aid programs as well as EMS training I had received. A couple simple back blows knocked the obstruction loose and her airway was cleared.  All the time  and effort I had put into training was rewarded right there. Don't get caught not knowing what to do, the skills obtained In a standard first aid class are simple yet effective and will help ensure should you encounter an emergency, that the person suffering the problem is much more likely to make it through safely because you (a trained first aider) are there to help. Standard first aid is one of the many programs  available at Victory Safety and Training to help ensure you and your loved ones make it through your day safe.


Whats acceptable for Safety Certification

posted by Victory Safety    |   June 24, 2014 09:39

I am often asked so thought I would write about it to answer this question that so many people seem to have. The question is "what tickets do I need to work in the oilfield, construction site etc."? Whether you are working in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba or wherever, there is no ticket that is absolutely guaranteed to be accepted in every workplace. The reason being is that every worksite is different with unique hazards and different work environments and it the employers responsibility to ensure training is adequate for their workplace. This is why for different workplaces there are different requirements which is why it is important to research what training requirements are for worksites your on or potentially will be on prior to selecting courses to invest in. If you're an employer, job seeker etc. this simple research can save you very important time and money in the future if you arrive to a worksite or have an opportunity come up only to realize that the certificate you received is not acceptable. Examples; We offer an H2S Awareness program in our online training library which is very informative and may meet your worksite requirements or serve as a great refresher in perhaps an agricultural field (ultimately up to employer/worksite to decide) but if you're heading into the oilfield you will most likely be required to have an Enform H2S Alive training certificate. Another example is Ground Disturbance, an intro to Ground Disturbance is also available in our online training library, however, we also have an instructor led Ground Disturbance program based on OH&S requirements and a Global Ground Disturbance program. Once again the online program may be acceptable on some worksites, others may want it to be instructor led and OH&S compliant in which case our in house Ground Disturbance program would most likely meet requirements, and still others may get more detailed in what they want by specifying that training must specifically be a Global Ground Disturbance course. This is why Victory Safety and Training is continually adding many courses certified by organizations such as Enform, Oil Sands Safety Association (Through Fall Protection Group, Fusion Safety Services etc.) that we hope can make your search easier and help save you time and future costs. Hope this helps if you did have this question. Stay Safe from your friends at Victory Safety and Training


Is it time to renew your safety tickets

posted by Victory Safety    |   May 9, 2014 14:22

Welcome to spring it's a great time to check those ticket expiry dates. It's not fun to show up on site and find out they're expired. Renew all your tickets with one stop at Victory Safety and Training for public courses or have us come to your site (anywhere in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba or wherever you may be) if you have a group. Renew everything from H2S Alive, OSSA Fall protection, OSSA Confined space Entry and Monitor, Global Ground Disturbance and many other safety programs at your 1 stop shop for all your safety and training needs.


Safety in Saskatchewan

posted by Victory Safety    |   April 16, 2014 10:18
It is the season, Safety in Saskatchewan, Alberta and the rest of Canada is at an all time high and what better time to get caught up on safety certification than now. We have many fresh touches to give you all the options you need in one stop. Ground Disturbance, Fall protection, and Confined Space seem to be peaking and if you need specialized OSSA (Oil Sands Safety Association) courses such as Confined Space Entry and Monitor, End-user Fall Protection, and the OSSA regional orientation, or Global Ground Disturbance. Don't take that long trip to Alberta we can take care of you right here in Saskatoon and Regina for individuals or if you have a group we can come to you on your schedule wherever you may be for a very reasonable rate. Our online safety training addition has also been a great touch making it easy for you to take courses such as WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Asbestos awareness, Defensive driving and so much more. It is our priveledge to have the opportunity to serve the workplace in safety and we will continually do so by trying to make safety as easy as possible.


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