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Online Safety Training is here

posted by Victory Safety    |   April 2, 2014 19:13

A great selection of online courses now available asbestos awareness, WHMIS, TDG, bear awareness and much much more. Click the online training banner on main page to view. These programs serve as great intro's and refreshers it is highly advised to ensure program meets requirements of worksites prior to purchase. Making training easy 


Online Safety Training

posted by Victory Safety    |   March 11, 2014 20:15

Technology is advancing and so are we so keep an eye out for online training options coming soon to Victory Safety.

Courses available include 

Asbestos Awareness

Gas Testing

H2S Awareness

Defensive driving and much much more

These programs are great for refreshers or situations that a light intro is needed. 


Merry Christmas and Very Happy and Safe New Year in 2014

posted by Victory Safety    |   December 27, 2013 13:37

We at Victory Safety and Training look forward to what will surely be a great 2014. We appreciate the opportunity we've been given to serve in safety in a prosperous province. To all our friends, be safe and all the best in 2014 from your friends at Victory Safety and Training.


Ground disturbance

posted by Victory Safety    |   October 1, 2013 17:28

Some food for thought, have you ever disturbed soil deeper than 1 foot deep with a shovel, or to any depth with a machine? Did you know that is actually considered a ground disturbance? Did you ever try and find out what was there before you dug? People commonly conduct ground disturbance of some sort without ever really thinking about it. There are many ways to find out what may be there but like they say you can't prepare for something you don't know is there. How to do that and other information covered when conducting a ground disturbance are just a couple of the topics covered in our ground disturbance programs. Stay safe from your friends in safety at Victory Safety and TrainingSmile


Planning Ahead

posted by Victory Safety    |   September 19, 2013 15:31

Now I say planning ahead because we do not want to talk too much about the winter that will come soon enough. But some questions must be asked about the safety equipment used on worksites as we plan ahead for the cold. For example  did you know most gas monitors will have limitation when working below -20 degrees (celsius). Also did you know some equipment may have been tested down to a whopping -7 degrees (celsius) which is not a very uncommon spring day in most parts of Canada not even speaking of the winter. Also take care of connecting points in fall protection which may be more vulnerable to failure in winter with ice build up etc. So just some tips from your friends at Victory Safety and Training as you plan ahead for the winter which we know is still a long ways away (hopefully).


Global Ground Disturbance

posted by Victory Safety    |   September 4, 2013 14:26

Another great training program will be available soon at Victory Safety and Training. Global Ground Disturbance will be part of our course lineup in October 2013. This program was created by Global Training Centre out of Strathmore Alberta and because of it's assured quality and great reputation has become the standard for many Saskatchewan and Alberta work sites. Another great program to pass on to our clients as part of our continual strive for excellence at Victory Safety and Training.


Fall protection groups OSSA Fall Protection End User

posted by Victory Safety    |   August 30, 2013 11:41

We at Victory Safety and Training are pleased to announce the introduction of Fall Protection Group OSSA fall protection end user program to our course line up in August 2013. We continue to attempt to establish strategic partnerships to ensure you do not have to look no further than Victory Safety and training to get the training you need. Fall protection group has established themselves as an elite fall protection training provider in Canada and we are pleased to have the opportunity to pass on that quality to our clients. Note for our Alberta friends that this program also meets the requirements of the Alberta Construction Safety Association. Hope you continue to enjoy and stay safe for whats left of the beautiful summer. 


Globally Harmonized System (New WHMIS requirements)

posted by Victory Safety    |   August 23, 2013 16:12


The Globally Harmonized System.doc (25.50 kb)                                                                                                       


Did you know WHMIS as we know it is changing? This document provides a description of the changes to expect.






Fusion Safety Services OSSA Confined space Entry and Monitor training in Saskatoon

posted by Victory Safety    |   June 25, 2013 12:39

Oil sands safety association certified programs have become a more highly desired program in Saskatchewan so we at Victory have taken steps to try and fill that need. Who is OSSA? many people ask. 

OSSA is a non-profit organization made up of representatives from Syncrude Canada, Suncor energy, Shell Albanian sands and Canadian Natural resources as well as volunteer members from the labor providers, union, area contractors and learning providers.

Though not required in Saskatchewan OSSA programs can be very beneficial for those who work in certain areas of Alberta and is a requirement of the pre-mentioned OSSA members among others. 

***We also anticipate OSSA fall protection becoming available in Saskatoon in September 2013***


Safety 2013

posted by Victory Safety    |   January 5, 2013 16:05

It's a new year and no doubly looks to be a busy one especially when it comes to safety. Stiffer penalties and a move to zero tolerance looks to make the biggest impact on Saskatchewan worksites in 2013. As you've probably noticed Saskatchewan has been going through a transition in safety especially in the last 5 years. What employers and safety representatives have probably noticed is that inspectors have been a little lenient while this transition has been taking place but that leniency is expected to fade away. There will no doubt be an increase in fines and penalties and the importance of showing due diligence is at an all time high. This can sound intimidating for some though it is important to remember that I don't believe it is any inspectors/investigators goal to increase punishment but to increase the number of workers making it home safe and to encourage more of an honest effort in assurance of a safer worksite. Remember, when we think we've got it all figured out or assume it won't happen to us that's usually when it does. We at Victory Safety and Training always emphasize that we are here to assist in this process under the mindset that there is no such thing as a perfectly safe worksite and there is and always will be room for improvent. We look forward to serving Saskatchewan worksites for another year and it is an opportunity we do not take lightly. All the best in 2013 from the ownership and staff of Victory Safety and Training.


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