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Drug and Alcohol Testing
Fusion Safety Services Ltd. is a Learning Provider Licensed and Accredited by OSSA and Keyano College. To register in the OSSA-BSO training course and to find out the locations where it is offered, please go to:

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General Mine Safety Awareness (GMSA)
Apr 5, 2018

Here's just a bit of info. on General Mine Safety Awareness (GMSA) which is a new program that is becoming mandatory on most Saskatchewan mine sites. And if you want to get a leg up on mine site work opportunities you can get a head start by taking this course GMSA is a 24-hour training course required for any contractor working on a mine site in Saskatchewan as of June 30, 2018 or September 30, 2018 depending on site. This is a Saskatchewan Mining Association (SMA) requirement. Partnership to create common provincial training standards for contractors at SMA sites "For contractors, this will mean one set of training standards reducing repetitive training, saving time and facilitating mobility between SMA member sites This course is now available from Victory Safety and Training...    read more...

“interesting Drug and Alcohol testing read”
Feb 8, 2018

Legalization of Cannabis Presents Conundrum for Canadian Military February 1, 2018 By DATAC Questions are arising in the Canadian army, navy, air force, and special forces as the July 2018 legalization of cannabis looms. Since the Spring of 2017, military experts have been assessing their drug and alcohol policies in advance of the legislation that will see legal medical and recreational use of cannabis come into effect across the country. “We’re concerned about how folks will be able to do their job,” Lt.-Gen. Chuck Lamarre has said, “And we are concerned about folks who have the challenges of operating heavy equipment, weaponry, who are on call on a regular basis to go and do things, like our [search and rescue] technicians.” At this point, and relying on scientific...    read more...
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