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Fall Protection/Fall Arrest

posted by Victory Safety    |   October 29, 2012 18:36

Working at heights is a very common part of many work sites/work activities and many workers are unaware of their, as well as the employers responsibilities regarding fall protection training and planning. The fact is that much of the work at heights takes place with little planning and most are unaware of the various options available to them. Engineered controls such as guardrails, travel restraint, establishment of a control zone and fall arrest (horizontal and vertical) are some of the primary options available. It is important that workers understand the benefits and limitations of all these options in order to make the most educated decision during planning. Choosing equipment is also very important and ensuring equipment is CSA approved as opposed to just being CSA compliant can save supervisors and employers from unneeded stress if an incident occurs. Did you know that according to Saskatchewan Occupational health and safety regulations that a fall protection plan is required when work is taking place 3 meters or more above ground level and workers are not protected by a guardrail or similar barrier? Well now you do and we can help prepare workers to work safely at heights with training and equipment available at Victory Safety and Training.


Fall Protection

Confined Space Entry

posted by Victory Safety    |   October 5, 2012 20:03

According to OSHA 60% of those involved in Confined space incidents are would be rescuers. This is quite surprising no matter how you look at it so the question must be asked, why?

Lack of planning

Lack of training

Lack of established procedures

Lack of proper ppe and rescue equipment

So as we at Victory always say "safety is an attitude" so let's not lose respect for the confined spaces we work in and please take the time to make each entry a safe entry.

Happy thanksgiving from your friends in safety, we at Victory are truly thankful for the opportunity to serve the safety industry


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