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Respiratory protection

posted by Victory Safety    |   December 11, 2012 18:01

If you have ever been involved in choosing safety equipment you have probably been put in a position where you've had to learn more than most would anticipate. Air quality is a concern on many worksites unfortunately respiratory protection is not used nearly as much as it should. First of all do you need a air supplying device or an air purifying device? How long will protection be required? What are the levels of contaminants workers may be exposed to and is it near or above IDLH (immediately dangerous to life or health) levels and or above workplace contamination limits? If an air purifying option is required then what type of cartridge is needed? After all is said and done in selection do you know how to properly store your equipment, maintain your equipment, determine when it is no longer in useable condition and determine wether workers have a proper fit? It never fails to astound me how much there is to learn when it comes to safety not to mention the amount of times you see well meaning employers and supervisors choosing improper equipment. In a growing province like Saskatchewan it is a never ending endeavour to learn all there is to know about safety. Just another reason why we at Victory Safety and Training are aiming to assist employers as much as possible to make their worksite safer for all including assisting with respiratory protection.


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