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First aid and CPR

posted by Victory Safety    |   November 8, 2012 13:21

Now we hate to put a level of importance on a certain course but it is a tough argument to place any course above first aid and CPR due to the fact that you may need to use the skills aquired in this program on any given day wether at home, work or just out and about. Many people panic when faced with a situation involving the need for first aid due to the feeling of helplessness when they're not sure what to do. Taking a first aid and CPR course will improve skills, knowledge and mental ability to handle an emergency. It's amazing how much a calm approach can bring control to an emergency, it can calm the casualty down and therefore slow the progress of shock, it can calm family members and bystanders and establish confidence in your ability. It is often not ems but those who are their 1st who play the most important role in an emergency. Let us help you be that calm, confident responder at any emergency with an OH&S first aid course available from Victory Safety and Training.


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