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Standard First Aid and CPR

posted by Victory Safety    |   August 20, 2014 23:20

You just never know when you will need to utilize the skills obtained in a first aid program. If somebody started complaining of chest pain right where you are and suddenly stopped breathing, would you know what to do. Or if a loved one started choking and couldn't breathe, what would you do.  Having spent time working in EMS and having children at home I couldn't tell you  how many times I have had to give first  aid but no situation stands out more than when my little girl had a severe obstruction in her airway and I had to utilize the first aid for choking skills I had obtained through the many first aid programs as well as EMS training I had received. A couple simple back blows knocked the obstruction loose and her airway was cleared.  All the time  and effort I had put into training was rewarded right there. Don't get caught not knowing what to do, the skills obtained In a standard first aid class are simple yet effective and will help ensure should you encounter an emergency, that the person suffering the problem is much more likely to make it through safely because you (a trained first aider) are there to help. Standard first aid is one of the many programs  available at Victory Safety and Training to help ensure you and your loved ones make it through your day safe.


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